I am currently based in Japan. 


Ataru Kozuru                    



1992     BFA, Tufts University, Medford, MA in affiliation with School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

1990     DIPLOMA,  School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston




2018    The Poetics of Outer Space :  Gallery Toile, Fukuoka, Japan

2018    New Works  :   Gallery Iwasadou, Kamakura, Japan

2017    Sense of Place :   Gallery Toile, Fukuoka, Japan

2016    Cosmic Fusion :   Gallery Toile,  Fukuoka, Japan

2015    New Works :   Gallery Toile, Fukuoka, Japan

2014    New Works :   Gallery Mocco, Fukuoka, Japan 

2014    Cosmic Fusion,  Odakyu Art Salon, Tokyo, Japan 

2013    Cosmic Horizon V, Odakyu Art Salon, Tokyo, Japan

2012    Cosmic Horizon IV, Sigekiba, Fukuoka, Japan  

2012    Cosmic Horizon III, Odakyu Art Salon, Tokyo, Japan

2011    Cosmic Horizon II, Gallery Oishi, Fukuoka, Japan

2011    Cosmic Horizon,  Odakyu Art Salon, Tokyo, Japan

2010    Nebula, Institut français du Japon Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan

2010    Shooting Stars, Iwasadou Gallery, Kamakura, Japan      

2009    Origins II, Gallery M, Fukuoka, Japan             

2008    Origins, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Community Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan

2007    Ataru Kozuru, Iwasadou Gallery, Kamakura City, Japan

2006    Galaxy, Daisen Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan

2004    Constellation,  Daisen Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan

2002    Ataru Kozuru Stone Sculpture, Iwataya Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan



2016      Kozuru Family Exhibition(Gen, Dai, Ataru, & Niho) Kyushugeibunkan, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan 

2013      Affordable Art Fair New York City, Miriam Niji Gallery, New York, New York

2011      New Year Show,  Asabujyuban Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2010     Transnational Art,  Contemporary Art Centre, Osaka, Japan

2009      Peace Summer, Hyatt Regency Hotel gallery, Osaka, Japan    

2007      Invitational Sculpture Exhibit, The Mill Brook Gallery, Concord, NH

2007      Common Ground Exhibition, Westchester CC FA Gallery, Valhalla,NY     

2006      Small Monuments Stone Sculpture, GalerieMK21, Hamburg, Germany Gallery PS,

              St.Geertruid,The Netherlands

2005      Small Monuments Stone Sculpture, Gallery Exelmans, Belgium :

Gallery Donkersvoort, The Netherlands

Flower Picnic, Uminonakamichi Seaside Park, Fukuoka, Japan

Swimming Pool, ctrl28.com,London, England                             

Shape of Tea, The Art Complex Museum, Duxbury, MA            

7th Annual Invitational Sculpture Exhibit, Mill Brook Gallery, Concord, NH          

Touchstone, Hawk Ridge Gallery, Farm,Pawnal, ME   

International Small Works Exhibition, Red Dot Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM     

Earth Works Now, Hi-Desert Nature Museum, Yucca Vallery, CA                                 

2004     Cairn Croft Sculpture Garden Exhibition, Dover, MA

2003     The Kozuru Sibling Exhibition, Odakyu Gallery, Tokyo, Japan                                           

2001     Prize 3rd Place, 1St Annual Sculpture Show, Millbrook Gallery, Concord, NH                 

             Contemporary Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit, Forest Hills, Boston, MA

             Alumni Show, Tufts University Art Gallery, Medford, MA

2000     The Kozuru Sibling Show :  Fukuoka City Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan

             (In 1998, Rented a studio in Barre, VT to create stone sculptures for the Show in 2000)

             National Small Sculpture Exhibition : LibraryGalleries, Hattiesburg, MS

1999     Traces of Provence : Alliance Française, New York, NY

1999     Sculpture of the Spirit : Forest Lawn, Buffalo, NY

1998     Contemporary Art Show :  Creiger-Dane Gallery, Boston, MA
1998     The North American Sculpture Show : The Foothills Art Center, Golden,

              Sculpture for the Outdoors II : Clark Gallery, Lincoln, MA

              Art of the Spirit : Forest Hills, Boston, MA

1997     The Kozuru Sibling Show : Fukuoka City Museum, Fukuoka, Japan 

Forest Hills Educational Trust, Boston, Massachusetts
Odakyu Electric Railway Co, Tokyo, Japan 
Jyuntendou University, Shizuoka, Japan  
Kyushu Sangyo Daigaku Fuzoku High School, Fukuoka, Japan
The Mill Brook Gallery and Sculpture Garden, Concord, NH
Nohgata CityTanio Museum of Art, Nohgata City, Fukuoka-Ken, Japan
Private Collection, U.S.A
Private collection, Japan



2005   Phoenix: Private Residence, Red & white marble. 56"x33"x14", Fukuoka, Japan
2004   7 Folds: Private Residence. Granite. 48"x12"x10", Fukuoka, Japan             
          Interior Garden, Granite Stepping Stones & Water Basin: Private Residence: Granite,
          4.5sq feet, Nohgata, Fukuoka,  Japan
Ceramics Workshop, Nagoya International School, Nagoya, Japan, 2006
Ceramics Workshop, Salem State College, Salem, MA, 2005
Teaching assistant in sculpture,  Lacoste School of the Arts, Lacoste, France, 1992-93


"Defining the Stone" Stone in America magazine, Volume 113, Number 7. July, 2000, p30-34                      

 Stone in America, Cover, vol. 112, No9 ,  October, 1999

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